America’s Test Kitchen’s Shop is the official storefront for our cookbooks, branded merchandise and exclusive sales with brands we've tested and love.
Our challenge was to design and build a shop homepage that is easy for the customer to navigate and also for the small team to update. We've moved shop platforms and redesigned pages a handful of times over the past few years, each new round bringing a cleaner more direct path to checkout while also providing a depth of information. Below are some examples of bigger changes.
For our holiday 2020 campaign we really wanted to highlight one specific product each day and also move into a place where we were encouraging people who visited the homepage to browse. 
Before we moved onto our new platform, I was writing the html for all the pages I designed. These are reflected below:
I use the program Hotjar to track our users typical paths to detail pages as well as to see where people were dropping off on any given page.
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